Who We Serve

GovTechTM knows government technology companies. It’s our only focus.

GovTechTM has the ability to offer coverage and savings other insurance carriers can’t because we only select technology companies with a focus on Government IT Contracts. Together, GovTechTM is a group of like-minded technology companies with similar philosophies and a single objective – low-risk equals low-premiums, and eventually high reward.

We serve Federal and State Government IT Contractors in Maryland, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, Washington, the District of Columbia, and serval other states. If your business focuses on web consultation, installation, maintenance, and development, system integration, processing, hosting, development of proprietary code, software application development, Internet access and connectivity services, or other Government IT disciplines, you have the ability to obtain coverage that ideally fits your personal or professional needs.

What’s the criteria for GovTechTM members?

  • 55% or more of the insured’s business must be specific to Federal or State funded IT/technology services.
  • Insureds cannot have had a liability claim within the past 5 years as verified by Loss Runs valued within 90 days of a received application.
  • Insureds must provide current and renewal premiums for all lines of coverage and limits.
  • No foreign exposure

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