Why Choose Us

At GovTechTM, “profits” are retained and passed back to policyholders in the form of lower premiums.

We realize that many technology companies who work for government agencies have exceptional risk management and few, if any claims. However, you are often the ones who must tolerate high premium costs associated with liability coverage. That’s why GovTechTM was developed – to assemble a group of like-minded technology companies with similar philosophies and a single objective – low-risk equals low-premiums, and eventually high reward.

Since, GovTechTM clients own or operate a technology company with a high volume of government contracts, each member has a similar philosophy when it comes to protection of business assets and cost-effective risk management.

Due to this unique policyholder ownership model, coupled with underwriting policies specifically tailored to the technology industry, you can rely on GovTechTM to get you the timely coverage you require at the savings you need – savings as much as 40% less than traditional carriers.

GovTechTM employees are focused, committed, experienced, and reliable – each with a common goal to provide low liability coverage to its members, while creating an atmosphere that directly benefits the risk management interests of Federal and State Government IT Contractors.

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