Who We Are

Experience the Benefits of a Non-Profit Policyholder Owned Insurance Group.

As a policyholder with GovTechTM, you are a member of the Government Technology Association. Therefore, you finally have a say when it comes to decisions affecting your liability insurance coverage.

When it is determined that a technology company meets the criteria to be insured through GovTechTM, the policyholder becomes a member of GovTechTM through membership in the Government Technology Association, a non-profit association comprised of members that owns GovTechTM.

As a member, you belong to a homogeneous group of other technology companies with similar experiences and philosophies. This is important as it allows a policyholder to actively participate in the direction of the company.

This control results in lower rates, broader and more stable coverage, as well as each member’s ability to share in favorable loss experience.

GovTechTM has the ability to offer coverage and savings other insurance carriers can’t because our criteria is important. GovTechTM only selects certain technology companies with a specific focus on Government IT Contracts.

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