GovTech™ Service Contract Act Compliance & Accounting Services

Government contractors must stay up to date on contract compliance in order to avoid incurring financial penalties. Working in a highly regulated and complex environment, it is increasingly difficult for government contractors to manage compliance effectively.

GovTech™ consists of highly trained professionals who are well versed in Service Contract Act Compliance, providing contractors with the assistance they need to avoid penalties. The GovTech™ team ensures proper reporting across a variety of segments to protect your government contracting business from DOL penalties. Contact GovTech™ today to get started with your Service Contract Act compliance and accounting services. Don’t be caught out of compliance.

Service Contract Act Compliance

The Service Contract Act requires government contractors performing services in excess of $2,500 to pay employees specific wage rates. Accounting and tracking your SCA fringe spend is mission-critical if you want to avoid a DOL audit.

Case Study: How to Survive a DOL Audit

GovTech™ assists with managing your fringe spend to ensure compliance is met by analyzing the following key indicators:

  • Reporting by employee, hours worked, and benefits elected
  • Fringe rate adjustments
  • Wage inaccuracies
  • Paid sick leave
  • Job classification inaccuracies

Ensure your government contractor wages are meeting compliance by contacting GovTech™ for a service contract compliance audit today!

GovTech™ Accounting Services

Following a GovTech™ service contract compliance audit, the team will help assess your accounting to ensure all employees are paid the correct rate. The team will not only ensure compliance is met in accordance with the Contract Act, but will help navigate significant changes in your accounting practices as a result of these adjustments.

Don’t risk being audited due to non-compliance with the Service Contract Act. Contact GovTech™ today to get started with your service contract compliance and accounting services!