Liability Coverage FAQs

What is the Difference Between Professional Liability and General Liability?

Professional Liability protects you from claims specifically related to you performing your professional service. Professional liability protects you against negligence claims, misrepresentations, errors or omissions, related to a professional service.

General Liability protects you from general claims in which all businesses are at risk. General Liability insurance coverage against any claim alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal injury (such as defamation of character like slander and libel), advertising injury, and damage to leased premises.

 What is the Difference Between General Liability and an Umbrella policy?

The Umbrella insurance policy picks up where the General Liability coverage ends. General Liability policies always state a maximum amount the insurer will pay in the case of a judgment. Umbrella policies are generally purchased to cover the business in case they are required to settle for more than the maximum policy limit.

What is the Difference Between D&O and EPLI?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers losses that would not be covered by Directors & Officers (D&O) coverage or Comprehensive General Liability. EPLI is a specialized kind of insurance, designed to protect your company against employee-related issues in today’s litigious society.

While similar, EPLI covers employers from claims made by workers who have sued the company for violating their legal rights as employees. D&O provides insurance for negligent acts, omissions or misleading statements primarily committed by Directors & Officers of a company that also result in a lawsuit. So while they are similar in that we are protecting the Director and/or Officer of the company or company itself, there are different requirements for both.

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