General Liability

Cover your business from all angles.

In addition to required Professional Liability, GovTechTM offers General Liability coverage against any claim alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal injury (such as defamation of character like slander and libel), advertising injury, and damage to leased premises. Due to the potential stranglehold a large lawsuit may have on a small or mid-sized company, General Liability Coverage should be considered essential protection.

General Liability coverage claims for GovTechTM members may include circumstances such as:

  • A customer has a slip and fall accident on your premises and sues you for negligence
  • You throw a cigarette in a trash can that starts a fire that causes $100,000 of damage to the landlord’s building
  • Your programming or code that controls a machine malfunctions resulting in bodily injury or property damage to a third party
  • You make a disparaging remark about a competitor and you are sued for slander
  • Please note that the General Liability coverage does not protect against the types of lawsuits that are covered by a Professional Liability policy (Errors & Omissions). It is absolutely essential that all tech companies carry Professional Liability insurance in addition to General Liability.

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*GovTechTM policies are subject to change. GovTechTM encourages you to closely inspect the exact nature of your coverage to determine if it meets all of your needs. GovTechTM is also happy to provide the policy for review at any time.
+GovTechTM has partnered with The Hartford to secure the property coverage you may need with General Liability insurance.