HR Solutions with GovTech Insurance

Benefits & HR Technology for Your Business

Attracting and retaining employees means having unbeatable HR solutions for improved benefits offerings. The best way to ensure the talent you attract remains loyal to your company is by providing exceptional benefits through improved HR operations and employee offerings.

GovTechTM provides comprehensive HR solutions in partnership with The Capital Group to give your business access to better benefits and improved employee engagement.

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Advanced HR Solutions for Your Business

When employers are better equipped with the HR solutions they need, they can offer a better working environment and improved benefits to their employees to retain the talent they’ve worked hard to attract. With robust HR solutions, GovTechTM is able to provide fully insured and self-funded health plans to employers, including the following:

  • HSA
  • HRA
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • 401(k) Planning
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • And more!

By partnering with The Capital Group, GovTechTM can provide you with the HR solutions you need to give your employees access to improved benefits. GovTechTM gives you with access to better insurance carriers and providers, and works hard to provide your employees with the educational materials and online resources they need to get the most out of their improved benefits.

GovTechTM specializes in providing employee benefits to Government Contractors in the greater DC/Baltimore region. The GovTechTM team has the skills and expertise necessary to match you to the HR solutions you need for your Government Contracting business.

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GovTechTM for Reliable HR Solutions

As a Government Contractor, you need to be able to access the highest-quality employees for a successful business. Attract top talent in the DC/Baltimore area with improved HR solutions and unparalleled employee benefit offerings from GovTechTM. The GovTechTM team will expertly match you to the solutions you need to keep your employees happy, healthy, and engaged.

With fully insured and self-funded health plans available at a reasonable price, your employees will have access to better health care and other benefits, improving your retention.

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