Professional Liability

Before getting started on a project under government contract, you’ll need to provide proof of professional liability coverage. Most government contracts require you to present this information before finalizing the terms of your agreement. If you are a government IT contractor preparing to render services, you’ll need to have the proper protection to avoid unforeseen negligence claims.

GovTech provides government IT contractors with the professional liability coverage they need to confidently render services without fear of a civil lawsuit.

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Professional Liability Keeps You Protected

Professional liability insurance is also referred to as errors and omissions insurance. These policies are designed to protect your organization from suffering claims that a service you provided resulted in financial harm to the recipient due to a mistake you made or an additional service you neglected to provide. This becomes especially important for technology companies, as traditional liability insurance does not cover the potential fallout that can occur when technology fails.

With the right professional liability coverage, you can cover the cost of defending your case should legal troubles arise. You’ll also be able to use your insurance to cover the cost of certain damages, even if the legal action turns out to be groundless. Failing to protect your company with professional liability insurance can have significant consequences, including financial hardship, a tarnished reputation, and even loss of your business.

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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

GovTech’s professional liability insurance options can protect your company from negligence claims related to services rendered. Our policies can help you with the following:

  • Claims of negligent acts, errors, or omissions
  • Failure of technology to perform as expected
  • Breach of warranties or representation
  • Plagiarism or claims of stolen ideas
  • Misuse of intellectual property
  • Claims of libel or slanderous behaviors, including product/service disparagement, trade libel, emotional distress, outrage, and outrageous conduct
  • Misrepresentation and false disclosure of private facts
  • Trespassing, wrongful eviction, eavesdropping, and other invasion of occupancy claims
  • Claims against technology best practices and improper implementation of tools/services

Having professional liability insurance is the best way to protect your company from the threat of negligence claims from unhappy clients. As a contractor working in government IT, protecting your company from these claims is crucial — especially as technology malfunctions are unpredictable and unintentional.

Get the peace of mind you deserve when finalizing your service agreements by contacting GovTech about our professional liability options.

GovTech for Your Professional Liability Insurance

Don’t let a negligence claim stand in the way of your company’s success. Professional liability insurance will give you the coverage you need to avoid civil lawsuits and a hit to your company’s reputation. Have confidence in your service agreements when you’re protected by professional liability insurance from GovTech.

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