Umbrella Liability Insurance

As a professional in government IT, protecting your company against unwanted claims is paramount to running a successful business. Not only does liability insurance protect you from being financially liable when a technology malfunction occurs, but extended coverage under an umbrella policy can offer even more protection, even if it exceeds your maximum policy limit.

GovTech specializes in providing government IT contractors with the insurance coverage they need to protect their assets and mitigate risk involved with rendering services.

Get the confidence you need in your service agreements by contacting us about umbrella liability insurance today.

Why Get Umbrella Insurance?

If you already have a liability insurance policy, you may be wondering why you would need umbrella coverage. While liability insurance provides ample protection from most negligence claims, these policies often have a limited scope of protection. And, once the limit to your liability insurance has been exhausted, there’s little that can be done to protect you against unforeseen claims.

Umbrella insurance offers protection, even when your policy’s limit has been reached. Coverage limits typically start at $1 million for umbrella insurance, offering incredible value for those facing a civil lawsuit. This additional insurance also comes at a reasonable price, giving you more dollar value for your coverage without driving up your premium too much. Contact our team to find out more about the benefits of adding an umbrella policy for your company.

Added Protection with Umbrella Coverage

With umbrella liability insurance, your company will be protected from virtually anything. Below are just some of the claims that umbrella coverage can assist with:

  • Bodily injury liability claims
  • Property damage liability claims
  • False arrest, libel, and slander
  • Personal liability situations
  • Certain civil lawsuits
  • Negligence claims

Some government entities require umbrella insurance by contract to protect customers or other tech companies that you’re performing work on behalf of. Even if it is not required, having an umbrella policy can significantly mitigate the risk associated with rendering services for your business. With an umbrella insurance policy, you won’t have to worry about reaching your maximum coverage limit and will have additional peace of mind in your business operations.

Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen: Get the coverage you need before you know you need it by protecting your company with an umbrella insurance policy. Contact our team to find out how you can get added protection today.

GovTech for Your Umbrella Insurance Needs

At GovTech, we understand the importance of protecting your company from unwanted claims and civil suits. We specialize in providing comprehensive liability insurance policies for government IT contractors, giving you the added protection you need with the unforeseen occurs. For added protection when you need it most, contact GovTech to get the umbrella insurance plan you need to stay covered no matter what.