Government Technology Insurance in Washington from GovTech™

Protecting yourself and your company from the unforeseen starts with having the best available liability coverage. Government technology contractors working at the federal and state level require specialized liability coverage to protect the integrity of their company from unanticipated claims.

GovTech™ is the only risk management group in the country that specializes in liability coverage for government technology contractors. Our team of industry-leading professional insurance underwriters provides customized liability coverage solutions for government contractors in Washington and nationwide.

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Washington Liability Coverage

For government contractors, liability insurance is essential for finalizing contracts with most government bodies. Depending on the terms of your contract, your liability coverage needs will differ. GovTech™ offers a wide range of customized liability coverage options for government IT contractors as well as businesses operating within the government technology sector. Our expert underwriters will listen to your specific needs and present you with the best, most economical solutions.

We provide a multitude of liability coverage options, including the following:

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Additional Assistance for Government Technology Contractors in Washington

GovTech™ doesn’t just provide the most comprehensive liability coverage available to government IT contractors. Our team of professional underwriters has partnered with one of the leading employee benefits groups in the Washington area to help build desirable benefits packages for government IT contractors. Partnering with The Capital Group, LLC, our team can help build an inclusive employee benefits program for you.

In addition, we provide customized liability coverage options specifically designed for small or new businesses. Whether your company is a spinoff of a current entity, a startup of sub-contractors, or a two-person business, our team of professional underwriters can give you the liability coverage you need to protect against the unforeseen.

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GovTech™ for Your Liability Coverage Needs

Get the coverage you need at a price you can afford by choosing GovTech™ as your liability insurance risk management group. Headquartered in Bethesda, our team of industry-leading professional underwriters is committed to providing exceptional liability coverage to government technology contractors nationwide. Our unique policyholder ownership model and team of committed employees allow us to provide savings as high as 40% less than traditional carriers.

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